1.16. – Growing Up

Dear Diary:

Just when you believe, you’ve succesfully avoid all intents to ruin your family, then it comes another one: Arcadio will turn into a teenager tonight. As a mom, I wanted to stop the clock. I like to see my two boys doing all together, supporting each other, helping each other… But our biological clock doesn’t stop, and he had to grow up.

He had excellent grades, so I couldn’t said no when he asked me for a birthday party. He wanted to invite all the kids from his club. I had to take a vacation day from work to organize everything, but I think Arcadio deserves a good party.


I made him a blue confetti cake. We even invited an entertainer (because Lucien was at work) and it turned out to be a ghost. Can you believe it?



The guest started to arrive, so I told the guys to go clean themselves and get into their party clothes. Some extra guests arrived, like Candy and Gulliver, but the boys also like them. I wanted Arcadio to enjoy all he could his last moments of childhood.


It was a short and simple party. The kids mostly were just watching TV, talking and running around while the adults were having a drink. Everybody seemed happy tough. When Lucien arrived from work, we decided it was time to blow the candles. It was getting late and those kids had to go back home.


Everything happened in the blink of an eye. One moment I see my baby boy blowing the candles, and suddenly I have this grown man in front of me. My boy has grown up to be a handsome young man, I’m so proud of him.



I thought Arcadio will continue to grow his artistic desires but, surprisingly, he has family aspirations. He wants a successful lineage, which made him a good candidate to be the next heir. Still, something I didn’t liked so much, he’s now materialistic. Not a bad thing itself, but I’m afraid he will let himself be consumed for his work in the future. I guess I’ll just have to trust he will take the right decisions in the future.



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