1.15. – How to avoid midlife crisis

When Aureliano finally grew to become a child, nobody in the family got surprise to see that he had social aspirations. He was always smiling around everybody. He also loved outdoors! Maybe finally Lucien would have someone to support him with his camping ideas.


It was great being able to see my boys doing things together. They would do their homework together and go to club gatherings together. They love to play that llama game and they even wear the same pajama. One could think they were twins… I would if they weren’t my kids of course.


On the other side, as good as the boys were doing, Lucien wasn’t doing so well. Sure, he was always receptive when the kids were around, and a perfect husband with me, but I knew something wasn’t right with him. He have been spending many ours in front of the computer and he looks rather frustrated. Also, I’m sure that one day a heard him crying on the bushes. I was worried about him.



I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, and while the boys were at school, I approached him.

– Honey, what’s wrong? – I asked, going straight to the point.

– Nothing is happening Becca, what are talking about? – He said, looking confused.

– I know something is happening Lucien – I assured – You don’t look fine at all with all that time you spend in front of the computer. Also, I heard you crying on the bushes the other day – I accused, but also I took his hand – Whatever is happening, I don’t want you to go through it alone. You know you can rely on me, Isn’t this why we got married for? – I added, trying to sound soothing.


Lucien’s face looked worried and he let out a deep sigh. He took my hand tighter before he decided to speak.

– I know you think I’m funny. Gosh, many people must do it because of my job, but… that’s not really what I wanted to do with my life – He explained, carefully – I started to work as an entertainer because I saw I have a talent for it, it’s too easy for me to make people laugh but I never picture myself as a comedian –

– Are you trying to say you don’t like your work anymore? – I asked, trying to understand him.

– It’s not that, it’s just… – He seemed a bit frustrated but he finally let it go – I want to be a writer –

– A writer? – I asked, surprised. I’d have never thought of it.

– I know, it’s crazy. We have two kids to raise and also bills to pay. I can’t just leave my work like that and…–

– Honey – I stopped him – I think it’s great you want to be a writer. I’ll never ask you to let go your dreams, not even for us – I assured – So, we’ll find a way to make it work – I promised – I just got promoted to chef, and Arcadio’s birthday is in a couple of days. I heard he wants to take a small job so, maybe we will be able to handle, even if you work less hours. We will be fine – I assured him again, before hugging him.

– Becca, you’re the best wife in the world, you know that? – He smiled before kissing me.


I talked with the boys to help Lucien to practice his routines and, when he had free time, he could work on the book he wanted to do. I suggested something easy, like children’s books. The idea seems to be working for now, so, I can say we successfully avoided the midlife crisis… For now, at least.


Did I mentioned we give the house a little makeover? We move our room, so now both of the boys have their own and we have two separate bathrooms, which was probably about time. We bought a kitchen table, a new TV, and we made a studio for Lucien, so he could concentrate on his books. This is finally starting to look like home, don’t you think?



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