1.14.- Eating for two

Dear Diary:

This pregnancy have been running smoothly. I took Clara’s advice and when I started to feel the joint paint and the cramps, I went to the spa to have a little massage. Arcadio totally enjoyed it too. I thought he would feel totally bored when I brought him but, while I was having a nice treatment, he enjoyed himself on the sauna. Maybe next time we can bring Lucien and enjoy the sauna all together.



I was getting bigger and bigger, and soon enough I couldn’t take care of the blackberry bushes anymore. Luckily, Lucien loves outdoors, so he doesn’t mind to do that for me. He understands how important they are for me. And besides, Arcadio and I have been getting an itch lately, so, It might be because of the bugs.


This time, I decided to have the new baby at home. It’s was a Saturday, we were all having breakfast together in front of the TV, when I enter into labor. Lucien brought the baby basket and, between groans and pain, my baby was born. Arcadio had a brother!



His name was Aureliano. We decided to make him stay with us in our room. We will save some more money and we will make big improvements on the house all together. I was a bit afraid of how Arcadio will react, but he seemed to like his new baby brother. I watched him making silly faces for the baby sometimes, and talking to him. I hope he keeps like that when the baby grow up.


With the new baby around the house, I started to give Arcadio more responsibilities. I taught him how to take care of the bushes, because we had more now. I also encourage him to help in the house, so he will help us cleaning the dishes or moping the floor when something gets broken, which is quite often. He have never complain about it, and I can’t help but to think we were very lucky Arcadio took more from Lucien than from me. He’s a very mature kid.



And for me, well… I had two kids already, with seemed more than enough with all the responsibilities we had. So I decided to take care a bit more of myself and do some exercise. We bought a road mill and put it on the backyard. I’ll start exercising every day until I ‘m fit again. This thing about “eating for two” has going too far.



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