1.13.- Time of Our Lives

Dear Diary:

Days were going fast, incredibly fast. The night of Arcadio’s birthday, we decided to have a dinner party to celebrate. I was in the mood for cooking, so Lucien invited his brother, Lucas, and a couple of his friends; Candy the DJ, Regina the librarian, and Guillver. Without him asking me out, we would probably have never met.


I made some sugar cookies for starters so they could eat while I did the main dish. Arcadio always seems to be a bit tense around people, so I had to calm him down after I put the salmon in the oven. I sang him the nana my grandma used to sing to me. That seems to calm him down as It did to me.


Dinner was ready! So I called everybody over to eat. After dinner, we danced. Candy brought a couple of her songs, so we enjoyed a relaxing time. With all the baby and stuff, Lucien and I haven’t had time to enjoy a bit. I realized I was turning into my mom, and I needed to shake off that sensation.



Arcadio joined us soon enough. He takes after Lucien, but he needs glasses as I do. He’s a bit of both, I think. He have the creative aspiration and he’s an insider. So, probably I’ll lost the sight of him very often. He’s going to spend a lot of time in his club. Probably I should do the same, there’s a long time Upper Crust don’t meet.


Arcadio loves to talk with Lucien but he still gets a bit tense around strangers. Sometimes I fall asleep while hearing them talk about everything. We also have breakfast together sometimes. Arcadio is a curious boy, so he always has knew questions about everything around him. He’s very observer.



Our son was proving to be very smart. Even though Lucien or I helped him from time to time, he preferred to do things by himself. And when he finished early, he always asked to go to the park to play with his friends. I think he calls them “The League of Adventures”. What a creative name.


Maybe it was because of why everything seemed so perfect, that what came after took us all by surprise. I had a few days feeling nauseous, so, I decided to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. Not that we were really trying, but I wanted to make myself sure. Eureka! I was right, I knew it! I ran to Lucien to give him the news. We were going to be parents again!




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