1.12. – Three Hearts

Dear Diary:

To be honest, the domestic life wasn’t what I was expecting. Don’t take me wrong, I love to be married with Lucian, It’s just, I thought we will have more time for us. With a baby on his way, we both were working extra time to be have some family leave when the baby were here. Still, Lucien will surprise me in the most unexpected moments with a display of his affection. I totally love this man.


Clara have also been coming around more frequently. He was recently pregnant with Aisha, so probably, she just wants to make sure we’re okay. She knows how painful pregnancy can be, so she’s always trying to cheer me up.


My belly was growing so fast I couldn’t believe it. It seems it was yesterday we got married. Unfortunately, when I started into labor I was alone at home, so I rushed into the hospital. They asked for my details and emergency contact as soon as I arrived. They probably called Lucien, also. Poor man, we was panicking already when he arrived to the hospital.



They took me to that big scary machine and they said it wouldn’t hurt. I was a bit scared myself, but I tried to not making it notice. Lucien was doing that for the both of us. A tickling sensation here, a bit of a pain over there and there it was. The crying. My baby was born!



We named him Arcadio. He was super adorable and even Lucien seem to like him after his pre-parental panic. After they gave us the birth certificate, we made our way back home. We were a family, together, our three hearts beating as one.



We made some adjustments to the house; we turned the studio into Arcadio’s bedroom and we made more space for a living room. We moved the computer over there and bought a super comfy sofa. That’s going to be my new favorite spot.

The life with a baby is not proving to be any easy, but we can handle it. We send him to daycare when we’re at work, and whoever is around take care of him if the other one isn’t around. Lucien had proven to be a very affectionate dad. We both just want to show Arcadio how much we love him.


I can’t wait for him to grow up! Beisdes, look at him. Isn’t the most adorable little thing you’ve ever seen?



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