1.9.- Somebody to Love

Dear Diary:
The truth is, I’ve been thinking a lot about Lucien lately. We call each other at least once a day. We haven’t been able to meet because of work, but he seems really interested in me.

It might be because of it that I decided to give him a chance when he invited me to The Rattlesnake Juice to have a drink. One part of me was saying that he would probably try to make me drunk, but I wanted to think Lucien wouldn’t do that. He seemed a better person.
We arrived almost together, but instead of going for a drink, Lucien dragged me to the lounge part. We sit in a sofa and we started talking.
– You haven’t told me yet what do you do for a living – I asked after some conversation.
– I thought you would have it figure it by now – He admitted – Or maybe I’m not funny enough – He added – I work as an entertainer, a comedian if you want to call it like that –
– I guess that explains those creative compliments – I admitted while blushing a bit. It also explained why he was so outgoing.
I’ve never stopped smiling in all night. Lucien wasn’t just funny, but also a very interesting guy. And very considerate also! When I told him I just finished work before coming here, he gave a massage without even have to ask him. Could I ask for anything else?
Maybe it was something about him, or something about his eyes, but I just couldn’t stop looking at him. It wasn’t the same as with Travis, tough. With Travis was just a sexual thing, but with Lucien, it was something deeper. He knew when to be funny, when to be serious, and when to let me know about himself and still being interesting. I wanted to keep getting to know about him.
When the bar started to get full, Lucien suggested to leave. I thought he would also suggest to go to his house, or mine, but he said he didn’t wanted to go to fast. He seemed to like how things were going, as much as I. Nevertheless, I couldn’t avoid but kissing him right before we left. He seemed totally surprised. That was the effect in wanted to cause on him all the time.
We kept dating; one day we went to a coffee shop. Another day I invited him for lunch. He even made the dishes afterwards! He guess he’s really neat.



We took things slowly, but I was sure Lucien was a boyfriend material, so I decided to ask him… And he said yes!
– Damn Becca! It’s not fair! I wanted to ask first! – He seemed like he was complaining, but you could see a small smile in the corner of his lips.
– You had two dates to do it, Lucien. It’s not my fault you took so long – I bragged.
– Fine, you got to ask first… But I’m publishing it first on Facebook! – He assured.
– I have nothing against it… Moreover, we should take a selfie! – I insisted – My boyfriend and I, that’s going to be my new picture – I assured and Lucien laugh before I said – Cheese!


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