1.8. – Since you’ve been gone

Dear Diary:
Since I’ve been so focused on work lately, I’ve made some improvements to the house and t myself: I finally reached level 10 in cooking, yay! And to the house, well… I made the house a bit bigger. I built a studio, to have a computer. I bought a bathtub and a double bed. I remodel the kitchen with a counter and I changed all the windows of the house. Impressive, isn’t it?



I kept going to the gym, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect. Maybe I’m too stressed to make it work? Who knows. I made myself work hard in my working days, and when I’m free, I let Mila and her friends to take me out somewhere. It’s better than being in the house all alone.
Last Saturday It was Gulliver Bates who invited me to party. He’s one of Mila’s friend, and he’s very chatty. I think he’s a nice guy so I decided to take his invitation. They party had already started when we arrived to the Van Haunt Estate, so, we went straight to the dance floor. We talked mostly nonsense while we’re there but It was a good change. I mean, it’s nice to going around and partying with young adults, but It’s not the best for a relationship.
It was while we were dancing than Travis made his appearance. He was looking really upset and he made himself notice, standing in front of us.
– Are you dating with this guy Rebecca? – He asked, offended.
– Why? Do you care? – I said in return.
– Of course I care! I thought we had something! – He seemed confused for my attitude, so, I took him apart to keep talking.

– Do we? Because as far as I know, if you’re having something with someone, you don’t leave them alone in the dance floor saying that you’re going for a drink and never coming back! – I shouted.
– Something came up…- He said them, embarrassed.
– You’re lying to me – I accused – You were probably drunk. That’s why Mila overheard you saying it was the worst date ever. Is it because I didn’t want to have sex with you? –
He blushed at my accusation and I knew I was right. He didn’t said anything else and just stepped out of the way. I decided he wasn’t going to ruin my night. If he was there when I finish, I might talk a bit more.
It was almost sunrise and Gulliver and I were still dancing. He said that, even with Travis’ incident, It was a very fun night and that I could call him whenever I wanted to party. We said goodbye to each other. I went to the bar to pay for my drinks when I spotted Travis in a bench, alone, and looking quite sad. Maybe it wasn’t the best decision, but I decided to approach him.

– What do you want Rebecca? – He wasn’t happy to see me and I understood that, but we still had to talk.
– This thing between us, It wasn’t going to work anyway, Travis – I tried to made him understand – You’re still young, you’re still just thinking about parties and that’s okay. But I want to have a family and you’re still not committed to that –
– Tell me the truth, were you dating that guy? – He insisted.
– Gulliver? No! He’s one of Mila’s friends – I explained – Besides I don’t want to date anyone right now. Not after what happened in our last date. How could you leave me like that? –
– It wasn’t… I wanted to called – He babbled – It’s just… I wasn’t sure what would I said –
– It’s been a week, Travis – I remembered him – You can’t expect me to wait that long without an explanation. You were the one doing wrong – I assured.
– I know. Now, I know –
– Good luck, Travis. I’m sure you’ll find the right girl when the moment it’s right – I promised him.
He still seemed sad when he was leaving, but I knew that I’d made the right call. That’s story with Travis was over.


I decided to go back home. I still had the rest of the Sunday to do some stuff. Destiny had other plans, tough, because on my quickly way out, I tripped over and I ended up in a man’s arms.
– OMG! I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking. Are you okay? –
I was trying to apologize the man and he was looking at me like… I don’t know. Was he drunk? Did he thought I was pretty? I had no idea.
– Angels doesn’t have to say sorry, milady – He said, eloquently –Stumbling over a beauty like you, I should be the one saying thanks –.
I couldn’t help it but laugh a little bit. I had to admit the man was funny.


– I’m Lucien Kong – He introduced himself – but you can call me King Kong if you forget it – He added and I laughed again –
– Hi Lucien, I’m Rebecca Buendía –
– What a pleasure to meet you, Rebecca. Are you new in town? I’m totally sure I’ll remember seeing an angel like you –
– I actually moved some time ago, but I’ll say I’m still new – I admitted.
I thought I saw Travis passing by and looking at us with the corner of my eye, but I ignored him. I wasn’t doing anything wrong and he had no right to intervene.
– I’m sorry Rebecca, I really would like to keep talking, but I’m meeting with my boss in a couple of minutes – Lucien apologized and I nodded.
– That’s okay. I was in my way out. Too much party for a day – I admitted and it was him who laughed this time.
– May I have your number, Miss Buendía? – He asked – I would like to invite you a coffee sometime, If that’s okay for you –
– Yes, you may, Mr. Kong – I was smiling more with five minutes with Lucien than in the last week. He was surely the kind of person I wanted to have around – Give me yours and I’ll ring you. I still don’t remember mine –
We exchanged number and we parted ways separately. It was a very particular night. With all things with Travis already solved, I could only think about one thing: Should I see how far I could go with Lucien? Or was it too soon?


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