1.11.- Wedding bells

Dear Diary:
There are several reason why this was the best day of my life. First, of course, It was my wedding day. Second, but not less important, I discovered an early gift that morning. I was pregnant! I wanted to give Lucien the news right away, but I decided to wait. Better to wait after the wedding in case he was one of those people who faint of emotion.

We decided to have the wedding in the Magnolia Blossom Park, because Lucien loves outdoors.
I have to be honest. When we finally arrived to there for the ceremony, the last person I was expecting to see was Travis. Why did he was here? Lucien and I gave him a welcome greeting, as any other guest, and he complimented us. He wished us a happy and longer marriage, and I couldn’t help but to think that maybe he was growing up after all.
I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about the pregnancy and, after we welcomed everybody, I ran to Clara and Mila to tell them the news. They were as excited as I, but I made them promise not to tell anybody yet. I didn’t wanted to hurt Lucien’s feelings if he found out.
It was finally time for the ceremony. Everybody gathered around while we were just standing there, gazing in each other eyes. I couldn’t have asked for more.
– Far was I from knowing that when I stumbled upon an angel that morning, that angel will turn out to be my wife – Lucien said, lovingly, and I was more than flattered. Than man new how to choose his words – I can’t ask for anything else than to be beside you the rest of our lives. I love you Rebecca Buendía, and I’l always do – He promised, fervently.
– Lucien, you showed me again how to have faith in love. You taught me how a real relationship should be, in love and comprehension to each other – I assured – You helped me to be a better woman every day, and I want to do the same for you. I want to share every moment with you, and get older and grumpy together – I joked and he made that adorable laugh I loved to see – I love you Lucien Kong, and I promise to love you until my last breathe –
We kissed then, and everybody burst into applauses. I was more than joyful, and everybody with me. We cut the wedding cake and give a bit to everybody before taking some time to ourselves, a bit apart.
– Becca, darling, the last thing I want to do on our wedding day is to have an argument, but… Don’t you think you had enough cake already? – He asked while pointing my belly, which was looking bigger than that morning.
Unexpectedly for him, I laughed before leaving the cake aside and sitting beside him.
– You’re right honey – I nodded – But this belly It’s not for the cake – I assured – I didn’t wanted to tell you before but… We’re going to be parents –
– You’re pregnant! – He said, surprised – Just when I thought you couldn’t surprise me more –
– I should be the one surprised! – I joked – You had some very good swimmers, Mr. Buendía –
– Thanks, Mrs. Buendía. I really try – He joked and we shared a fondly look.

After making sure everything was right, we decided to go back home as husband and wife. Lucien would have time to move all his stuff eventually, but that night, our first night… Well, we didn’t do anything special. All the rush during the day had made us exhausted and hungry. Lucien made some sandwiches for us, and we ate them in bed. We were just too tired, but we were also happy. Our family was starting.


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