1.10.- Crazy little thing called love

Dear Diary:
Whoever said love makes you do crazy things, it was right. So right. For instance, Mila got married again! Don’t take me wrong, I’m super excited for her, but the groom still makes me a little bit suspicious. J Huntington III. I just hope he’ll be a good influence for Mila’s little boy, Lucas.

To celebrate her new life, she invited Clara and me to her “celebration”. I didn’t know what was she planning, but I arrived to the ancient ruins as she asked. I immediately congratulate her! Also, I told her about Lucien and I, and she looked happy for me. She’s been a real friend.
The celebration it was a tradition in Mila’s family. You have to burn a pile with all the things in your past you want to let go. It’s a way to welcome new things into your life. She burned some old photos and we helped with other stuff like letters and dead flowers. She invited us to join her. She said we could threw something symbolic; the meaning would be the same.
By the time I decided what I wanted to let go, more people had joined us. Some neighbors and even Lucien was there. That man always made me smile and feel everything was going to be okay. I wanted to be happy with him. So I just threw some stones and tree branches to the fire, to let go all my previous relationships.
Of course, Mila wasn’t going to let slip my confession so easily, so she invited us (Lucien and I) for a little bath on The Bluffs. Funny thing though, It was Clara whom, at the end, interrogated Lucien. I tried to ease the conversation with some splashes when I thought she was being too hard on him. At the end, they both gave me thumbs up, so I think they approved him.
At the end, after a couple of days, I decided what I wanted to do. Lucien seemed to be the man of my dreams, but until then, I haven’t talked to him about my dream, my legacy. It was a hard theme, I knew, but he had to know. If he really was going to be the man of my life, the man in my life, he needed to know.
I invited him for a romantic dinner at my new refurnished house and he seemed pleased. He dressed pretty fancy actually, and I liked him even more in those clothes.
After the meal and some flirtatious comments during it, I decided to take things seriously. We moved into the studio, and we talked a bit there.
– You must be pretty tired from work, honey… Let me give you a hand – I offered, while starting to gave him a massage.
– You definitely have miraculous hands, Becca – He said with a pleasant sigh – First, an awesome dinner and now this… I’m really could get used to this – He admitted and I smiled at the thought of it.
– Would you? Are you sure? Maybe I would get crazy if we do got married – I tried to joke.
– I don’t think so, but you can try me… What’s the craziest thing you would do? – He tried to tease me and I pretended I was thinking about it.
– Have three kids, for starters. Put them all my name instead of yours. Build an empire with the Buendía name on top of it – I was pretending to keep playing but actually, that was serious. Deadly serious.
– Then, you know what…? – He started to talk kind of agitated and I believed for a second It wasn’t going to work. Then he said – I think you and I would have a deal, Miss Buendía – He nodded, smiling.
– Are you serious? – I asked. I could not believe it.
– Of course! Do you know how many times in school, kids called me King Kong? I would hate any of my kids to suffer the same – He was being serious too, and I wanted to kiss him so bad – Besides, if you built an empire, I would also be part of the history. You know, the great dad who raised the kids who built an empire and I’m cool with that – He assured, shrugging his shoulders.
I couldn’t stop myself for hugging him, deeply, trying to contain all my emotions. He was perfect. He was the man I was waiting for all my life.


– You really are an incredible man, Lucien – I said – You’re funny, you’re compromised with your dreams, you’re generous but in the top of all that, you’re one of the best human beings I’ve ever known – I assured while caring his cheek.
– Thanks? – He smiled, but he seemed a bit nervous. He was probably thinking why I was saying that all of sudden – Don’t tell me you’re planning to broke up with me, or something like that…- He was trying to make a joke of it, but I could see some doubt in his eyes.
– Something like that…- I said. I was a bit insecure myself, but I swallowed everything before getting to my knee – Because I don’t want you to be my boyfriend anymore, but my husband… Would you? – I asked, nervously.
– OMG! Becca, I… – He seemed honestly surprised – Of course I want to marry you! You didn’t even have to ask, you could have just dragged me into the wedding arch and I would have said yes the same – He promised, laughing. I also laughed at the thought.
– You actually have to say “I do”… But we will work in your routine for that day – I joked, while he put the ring on –
– I wish I bought a ring for you too –
– Don’t worry, you can buy one later. I’m not materialistic – I assured.
– I know. That’s just one more thing I love about you – He said before lean forward and kiss me.

I can say it was the happiest day of my life to the date, but I knew a new one was coming soon. Our wedding. The clock was still ticking, but I felt like it stopped for that night. When we lay together in bed that first night, I knew I made the right decision. A decision that would change the rest of my life.


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