1.7.- Infatuation

Dear Diary:

I couldn’t get my mind out of Travis. He texted sometimes and we chatted a bit, and just with that, I think I was falling in love. Am I too weak? I’m not romantic, but maybe I just like him too much.

To take my mind out of it, the club and I decided to get together in our next free day in the Bjergsen Residence: The lighthouse. We haven’t heard of Clara for a while, because she was pregnant, so we went to see how was she doing and to meet the new member of the family, Aisha.


We found her in front of the TV, very well dressed. I told us she was just arriving from the office, because her maternity leave would end tomorrow, and she was asking for a few days more. We sat all together and talk a bit of what was going on with our lives lately. Afterwards, Clara introduced us to baby Aisha. She’s so tiny! Mila and I had turns with her, because Hugo seemed to dislike babies.

– Who’s a good baby? Who’s a good baby? You are! Yes, you are – I said while playing with the little girl.

I’ve always liked babies. I was actually planning to have three of them myself. That’s why I needed someone committed to build this legacy with me.



While I was feeding Aisha, I daydreamed about a nice big house, with three kids running around while I was cooking dinner. Then, their father will arrive home, will play with them and we would all have dinner together. Yeah, that would be a good life.

Maybe did Travis felt I was thiking of him? Because he called me shortly after that. This time it was him who asked me for a date. He sound a bit nervous, but he was pushing himself to do it. How could I say no? We agreed to meet in the Von Haunt State in an hour. Apparently, there was a party.

I arrived some minutes early but I spotted Travis in the middle of the dance floor. I was a bit upset. Did he really wanted a date? Because he seemed to be here for quite some time.


I tried to ignore the sensation in the back of my mind and we danced a bit. After that, he dragged me inside and we found a cozy spot to snuggle a bit and kiss. I tough about stopping him and ask him what was going on. He had never behave like that before. Yet, his lips were like a magnet and I just couldn’t stop kissing him


After a while, we stop. I was thirsty and he offered to go get me a drink. I went back to the dance floor and I waited. But after half an hour I went back inside, something wasn’t going right.


I found Mila inside. I got a drink myself and I approached her, asking if she had seen Travis.

– Travis? Your boyfriend? – She asked.

– He’s not my boyfriend – I sighed.

– So sorry. Becca – She apologized – When I was arriving I think I saw him getting into a taxi –

– A taxi? Did you heard where he was going? – I asked, anxious.

– Not really, but I heard him saying something a date going awfully –


I felt like I wanted to cry. Not only the date went horribly, he didn’t also had the guts to talk it to me. Mila seemed to notice it, because she immediately tried to cheer me up.

– Don’t be sad, Becca. I’m sure he will call you tomorrow morning and he’ll explain everything –She assured.

– I’m not sure Mila. He was acting all weird. He first asked me for this date, he was kind of nervous, but when I arrived here, he was acting totally weird – I admitted.

– Maybe something happened? – She tried to comfort me – I’m sure there’s nothing to be worried about –

– I hope you’re right – I wasn’t convinced at all, but I tried to let it go.

– Come on, don’t be sad. Have another drink a chat a bit with people. Don’t being alone would make you feel better – She recommended.


I did as she said. I took another drink, sit in the bar and had a little chat with all the people around. Talking nonsense seemed to help a bit with my thoughts, but when I started to feel dizzy, I decided to go back home.

I cried in my bed until I fall asleep, thinking on what an awful day it was. My infatuation for Travis it was going to ruin me. I’ll give him the chance to talk and explain himself, but I wasn’t going to look for him again. And if he did come back, I was going to make him be serious. If he wanted to play, he could look for another girl.



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