1.6.- Easy Lover

Dear Diary:

After making some improvements to the house and make sure I had enough money to pay the bills, I decided to chill out a bit. The clock was ticking and I had a legacy to build, so I had to find the father of my future heir, someone to help me built my legacy. So, I decided to give Travis a chance and I asked him for a date.

He arrived with a rose for me. How sweet! I really think I can fall for this guy.


We met in the Mimsy’s Cottage Café to talk and have some pastries. I thought he was a little bit geek when I met him, but now, I’m totally sure of it. It’s kind of funny how he talks so passionate about computers and software development. He seems to have an easy way with people, so, I’m guessing he’s probably outgoing but I’m not sure yet.

– I Have to admit, Rebecca, you seemed like a very nice girl since the first time I see you dancing. You’re definitely not afraid of showing who you are – He said.

– I think, if people don’t like you for who you are, they’re not really your friends – I said.

– I agree. That must be especially difficult since you’re new in town –

– You have no idea. I’m really starting to root for Windenburg, though – I added.}

– Are you? That’s great! Maybe we can see each other more often – He suggested and I felt like I was melting.

He’s definitively the nicest guy I’ve ever dated.



We took some photos and talked a bit more. I told him a bit about my history, where I came from and that I wanted to be a chef and built my own house. I didn’t talked to him about my legacy. I think he’s not ready yet.

– So, how many cousins you said you have? – He asked, incredulous.

– 137 cousins – I said with a laugh – My mom had 8 brothers and 5 sisters. And I never knew my dad, so it could have been even more – I added.

– Wow! Thank God I was an only child – He chuckled – I don’t know if I would have been able to deal with so many kids around –

– I was also an only child, but having so many cousins was like having a lot of brother and sisters –

– Don’t you miss them? – He asked, curious.

– A bit – I admitted – But all of them have their lives now, and I also have to build mine. I just need someone to share it with me – I let slip and he blushed.

We ended up cuddling in the sofa. Of course, we didn’t go too far.  I think he was a bit ashamed, but I’m too straightforward, I can’t avoid it.


It was getting late and it was already dark, so we decided it was better to leave.

– It was a great night Travis, I really had fun talking with you –

– Same here. I must admit, this is the first time a girl asked me for a date – He chuckled– I was feeling a bit nervous, but everything went right at the end –

– Next time, you can be relaxed. I’m not going to eat you – I assured and he laughed again.

I didn’t wanted to miss the chance and I was sure we were in the right move, so I decided to lean forward and kissed him. It was magical; I can still feel the sparkles as our lips touched.  We couldn’t stop afterwards, so we kissed a bit more. I’m not saying Travis it’s going to be the father of my kids but, damn, that man surely knows how to kiss.




I came back home all the way down with the biggest smile on my face. I was still smiling when I went to bed. I know I have to focus on my career but, at the same time, I can’t wait to see him again.


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