1.5.- Electric Lady House

Dear Diary:

As I promised, I’ve been focusing only in the work. This has allowed me to do certain improvements of the house. First, I finally made rooms for each space so I don’t have to keep smelling the bathroom from the kitchen. Also, the bushes are growing incredibly! I should be called the bush whisperer.



Unfortunately, I think I have a very good friend. I mean, I was trying to stay away of Travis, but somehow, he got my address (I’m totally sure it was Mila’s idea. She surely saw us dancing and stargazing a couple of weeks ago). When I saw him knocking on my door, I couldn’t pretend I wasn’t at home, so I opened the door and let him in. He was very polite, he didn’t mentioned anything about the fact that my house was still under construction. Instead, he told me we could go for a coffee sometimes, If I wasn’t too busy.


It was a short visit; he said he was going to a friend’s house in the neighborhood. I also was about to leave, so as soon as we exchanged a goodbye hug, I left. I can help but to think if he really has a friend around here, or if he just left quickly because he felt uncomfortable in the house. The truth is, I don’t want to know.


That was supposed to be my first day in the gym. I changed clothes, excited, and went upstairs to use the machines. I have to admit, it was harder than I expected but I kept pushing myself until I couldn’t do it anymore. All my body was trembling but it would be worth it. I was about to turn out to be a full grown adult, so, I had to keep fit.



My birthday went unnoticed but I didn’t care, I was too busy working. I got a promotion and a bonus, and with that, I could finally afford some painting and I finished the floors; carpet for the room, wood in the living room and tile on the bathroom. I’m really proud of myself right now. Oh! I also bought a TV so I can keep with Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen without have to hide in the bathroom as I did at work.


The appliances keep breaking, but it’s cheap stuff, so I try to don’t get mad about it. My handiness have improved since that first sink I fixed, so, I could take care of the fridge when the sensor stopped working. The oven also break once, but I think I made a good work fixing it. I hope it doesn’t break again.




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