1.4. – Stranger Things

Dear Diary:

With a little more of work, I was finally able to build a house! I actually just a big room with a door, but I’m happy of what I’ve achieved. It was because of it that I decided to take a break, walk the city a little, and maybe, have a drink.


Walking to the beach, to take my boat, I found the entrance of what it seemed like a cave. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t there before, but I’m curious, so, I decided to go inside and see where it went. After a long walk in the dark (thanks to everything my phone had a lantern) I found myself in mainland. Was it maybe and old tunnel from the colony times? Who knows, but If I was actually in town, I’ll seriously consider to put some lanterns in that cave.


Walking a bit further, I ended up in front of this weird place called The Shrieking Llama. It didn’t looked like a big deal, but outside it was writing “50% discount – Alien night”. I thought it was some kind of joke. Like, you’ll get discount if you dressed up like an alien or something like that. I decided to enter out of curiosity, to see if how good the costumes were but the places was nothing I was expecting.

Aliens! Real aliens! I always thought the idea of aliens were some kind of manipulation of the government to control us, to make us fear them. However, aliens were real, and they were standing just in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. I made my way to the bar where a man was talking with two of them, girls as you could see they had breast, and I couldn’t believe it. Maybe I was in some kind of alternate dimension where aliens where real?


I had to take a seat in one of the tables. I needed to process what was going on around me. It seemed like a dream, or maybe, was it a nightmare? I wasn’t so sure about either. A new alien girl approached me, telling a joke and I couldn’t avoid but laugh a bit. She introduced herself as Eva and she took a sit in the table. I was a little frightened to talk at first but she encouraged me to, and after a while, we were discussing the global warming as two normal people would.


In the middle of the conversation, I heard some bells ringing. Weird, I didn’t remembered any church around or something like that. Eva stood up and apologized politely but she, and the other ones, had to go. I just nodded as I saw them leaving the place in a crowd and, suddenly, I didn’t had a reason to stay there anymore. I just paid my drink and walked my way back to the cave, thinking about how much I wanted to be in bed right now. I had enough strange things for a night.



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