1.2. – Wake me up when I’m rich

Dear Diary:

The things weren’t going as good as I expected. I had to save money if I wanted to have enough to buy some stuff: A bed, a fridge, a toilet for starters… Therefore, I couldn’t afford to expend that money on unnecessary things like food. Of course, one needs to eat but, 3 simleons for a scone? That’s ridiculous! I didn’t give up though and soon I found a solution. Fruits. Yeah! The amount of fruit trees, berries and vegetables around was just enough for keeping me from starvation. Just outside of the lot, there were two pear trees, and walking around you could find some strawberries. Not the best meal ever, but It was enough.


Then I was able to buy a bed. I was so excited! But five minutes later I found out the first bills arrived when I was at work. 926 simleons. How was I supposed to get that much money? I had 426 simleons still because I bought the cheapest bed I found. In two days I had to get 500 simleons, but, how? If I didn’t spent anything in the next two days, I could save 360 simleons for my work. Still, I was missing 140. Again, how?


I went to the library to study some cooking before going to work, and I overheard two girls talking about the local market. Aparently, it was the best place to find fresh berries, fish, vegetables, flowers and even minerals if you were lucky enough. That gave me an idea. I called Clara to ask when it was the next local market. She said tomorrow. It was my lucky day.



I went back home rushing and I started to walk around. I found tons of minerals and even secret capsules. I found mushrooms, snapdragons, blue bells, strawberries, blackberries, even some pet frogs. I also went fishing. I decided to take everything with me, even the pears that I used to eat. Between all that, I should be able to get all the money I needed.


It was a busy night at the restaurant, and I arrived home exhausted. I went to bed immediately because I knew I had to wake up early to go to the market in the morning. I was nervous while, preparing everything in my table the next day, but everything was a complete success! Everything was sold out, even the frogs! I made way more money that I needed for the bills, and, on the top of that, I was promoted! It was the happiest day since I arrived in Windenburg!

With that money I could finally buy the stuff I needed; a shower, a toilet, a used fridge, even a little bookcase for some books I brought with me when I moved here. My boss was throwing out some counters he didn’t want because they were too old and I asked him if I could keep them. He said yes, so, I’m almost have a kitchen now. This is finally starting to look like a house.


Oh! I also bought a flower pot, where I transplanted a blackberry bush. They’re super expensive! So, I’m going to make good money of it. Now I know how to do some extra money, so, I’m ready for the next bills!


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