1.1. – Welcome to my life

Dear Diary:

My name is Rebecca. I’m just turned out a legal adult and this is the first time I write in a diary. I have a dream:  build a legacy. If you are wondering how a woman can do that by herself,  the answer will be written in this pages. It will be a very long legacy, some of children will find my diaries useful. They can learn from my mistakes, so they will have a happy life.


Let’s begin…

I can’t believe I’m finally here. This city is gorgeous. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed. Since I first saw the photos of Windenburg in primary school, I knew this was the place where I wanted to live the rest of my life. I’d saved money since I can remember and after mom’s dead, I sold the last jewels of our great great grandmother Ursula to have enough money to come over. Everybody back home told me buying that big lot was a mistake, but I came here to make a legacy. I’ll need it. Besides, that’s not my home anymore, my place is here.


I found a job as a dishwasher in a small restaurant in city center. I have to cross the river every day to get there, but it doesn’t matter. The view from the island is beautiful.

I didn’t wanted to get depressed staying all day in a dessert piece of land, so, I walked to the city a little bit and I knew this awesome club, the Upper Crust. Can I say it’s like an eating club? I think. They love talking about food, drinks, and they like to cook as well. I thought that If I wanted to be one day a famous chef, this was a good place to start learning. The leader, Clara Bjergsen, is a fancy rich woman who works as sous chef, but deep inside, she is a good person. I met her outside of a café where she was talking with the other two members of the group: Mila Munch and Hugo Villareal. A little insecure, I approached her and asked if I could be a member. She just asked me a few question about where did I came from and what did I wanted to do with my life. Afterwards, she invited me to her house, they were about to have a club meeting.


I swear I’ve never seen a house as big as hers. Everything looked super expensive, so I was afraid of breaking something. They invited me to cook something and I prepared my “famous” Croquet Monsieur. Thank God, they liked it! I spent the rest of the day with them, or well, let’s say the weekend. I’m not going lie, I was vagabond and If I could keep a roof over my head in exchange for some cooking, I will.



After the weekend, It was finally time to go to work. Monday night, 6pm until midnight. It was hard, but I wasn’t going to give up. I spent the night in the public pool. I sneak inside to take a shower and I slept in one of the benches. With no money at all after expend it everything in the lot, I know this isn’t one of my best days but I’m also sure, something better it’s just around the corner.



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