1.11.- Wedding bells

Dear Diary:
There are several reason why this was the best day of my life. First, of course, It was my wedding day. Second, but not less important, I discovered an early gift that morning. I was pregnant! I wanted to give Lucien the news right away, but I decided to wait. Better to wait after the wedding in case he was one of those people who faint of emotion.

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1.10.- Crazy little thing called love

Dear Diary:
Whoever said love makes you do crazy things, it was right. So right. For instance, Mila got married again! Don’t take me wrong, I’m super excited for her, but the groom still makes me a little bit suspicious. J Huntington III. I just hope he’ll be a good influence for Mila’s little boy, Lucas.

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1.9.- Somebody to Love

Dear Diary:
The truth is, I’ve been thinking a lot about Lucien lately. We call each other at least once a day. We haven’t been able to meet because of work, but he seems really interested in me.

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1.8. – Since you’ve been gone

Dear Diary:
Since I’ve been so focused on work lately, I’ve made some improvements to the house and t myself: I finally reached level 10 in cooking, yay! And to the house, well… I made the house a bit bigger. I built a studio, to have a computer. I bought a bathtub and a double bed. I remodel the kitchen with a counter and I changed all the windows of the house. Impressive, isn’t it?

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1.7.- Infatuation

Dear Diary:

I couldn’t get my mind out of Travis. He texted sometimes and we chatted a bit, and just with that, I think I was falling in love. Am I too weak? I’m not romantic, but maybe I just like him too much.

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1.6.- Easy Lover

Dear Diary:

After making some improvements to the house and make sure I had enough money to pay the bills, I decided to chill out a bit. The clock was ticking and I had a legacy to build, so I had to find the father of my future heir, someone to help me built my legacy. So, I decided to give Travis a chance and I asked him for a date.

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1.5.- Electric Lady House

Dear Diary:

As I promised, I’ve been focusing only in the work. This has allowed me to do certain improvements of the house. First, I finally made rooms for each space so I don’t have to keep smelling the bathroom from the kitchen. Also, the bushes are growing incredibly! I should be called the bush whisperer.

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1.4. – Stranger Things

Dear Diary:

With a little more of work, I was finally able to build a house! I actually just a big room with a door, but I’m happy of what I’ve achieved. It was because of it that I decided to take a break, walk the city a little, and maybe, have a drink.

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1.3.- How to be single (and poor)

Dear Diary:

The situation have been improving slowly. I made a habit of going in a scavenger hunt around the island to sell stuff in the local market. That doesn’t give me too much time to chill but I can do it when I have saved some money. By the end of the week, I had three blackberry bushes and I bought a sink and a small dinning set, so, I don’t have to keep eating in the bed.

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1.2. – Wake me up when I’m rich

Dear Diary:

The things weren’t going as good as I expected. I had to save money if I wanted to have enough to buy some stuff: A bed, a fridge, a toilet for starters… Therefore, I couldn’t afford to expend that money on unnecessary things like food. Of course, one needs to eat but, 3 simleons for a scone? That’s ridiculous! I didn’t give up though and soon I found a solution. Fruits. Yeah! The amount of fruit trees, berries and vegetables around was just enough for keeping me from starvation. Just outside of the lot, there were two pear trees, and walking around you could find some strawberries. Not the best meal ever, but It was enough.

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